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Devise provides engineering services to its customers across the product life-cycle. With more than 30,000+ hours of engineering experience, Devise has completed 70+ projects across industry verticals.

Devise has been in the fore-front of new technologies supporting customers engineering electric vehicles, working on autonomous vehicles, bringing innovation into traditional segments and leading the implementation of Industry 4.0. With dedicated teams across customer locations and domains, Devise has been supporting customers to achieve the 'Proof of Concept".

In 2016 alone, 10 customers were able to launch a total of 18 products engineered by Devise, while many others are in the final stages of development. With valuable support provided in the testing and validation phase, Devise has been able to bring about 20% reduction in validation expenses.

Devise has taken over maintenance of legacy products for customers thereby enabling their core teams to innovate. Devise has also supported digitization of engineering data and enabled cloud based engineering.

With global customer reach and single point of contacts in 3 continents, Devise is supporting multi-national and global customers while seamlessly using the cloud and secure databases for engineering data transfer.



Mechanical Design

        • CAE
        • CAD-3D Modelling
        • Drafting

PCB Development

        • Design
        • Manufacturing
        • Assembly



        • System Architecture
        • Prototype Development
        • Electro-mechanical Integration 


Robust Engineering 

        • Simulation
        • Model based Development
        • Hardware in Loop System


Embedded Systems

        • Firmware Development
        • Cloud Interface
        • Regulatory Compliance 


Apps & Data Digitization

        • Engineering Data
        • Data Legacy Digitization 
        • Reference Manual Digitization  


  • Innovation
  • New Product Development
  • Cost Reduction
  • Controller Development
  • Data Digitization
  • Smartphone Application

Problem statement: The customer wanted to mechanize an electronic control strategy without using Bosch/Continental controllers for their Opposed Piston Engine

Engagement Model: Offsite Team with Onsite rep

Scope of Work: 

  • Team Development - Ramped US based team from 1 to 8 resources 
  • Lab Setup
  • Hardware Architecture for Engine Controls
  • Model Based Software Development 

Outcome: Devise delivered the production intent architecture to the customer

New Product Development
Cost Reduction
Controller Development
Data Digitization
Smartphone Application